Initial meeting – Firstly we always like to get to know you and your business. This helps us know what you want from a telephone system and how it can work for you. There’s a huge amount of features available, and its important for you to know what might benefit you. 
Physical Infrastructure – After the initial consultation, a full survey of the voice networks is undertaken which helps us during installation but also helps us deal with any problems early. This highlights any damage to cabling and also helps document cable routs. 
Voice Network – Voice networks, rather like the water supply, is something that everyone expects to be available all the time but how many people know how their PBX is configured? What additional features could be used that arnt? Or you might simply be paying too much for your line rental and calls… 
Voice Network Security – You may have heard of structured cabling? It is widely used in IT networks and telephone systems are now beginning to utilise structured cabling on a regular basis. It makes end user management a lot easier and almost cuts out the need for any additional non structured cabling. By using separate rack equipment for voice and data networks, this increases security and reduces downtime but still allows for computer telephony integration. 
Documentation – We believe that the organisation should always be in control. You should have access at all times to any features and documentation to do with your system after all, its your system! We provide documentation after the free audit which will include recommendations to help you optimize your business and reduce risks of outages. The report will also include current operation procedures vs industry best practices. 
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